Tuesday, 29 December 2015


Hi All,

This blog fell into disrepair a while ago and I started a new blog over on Wordpress - if you want to follow my recent exploits please go to:


See you soon!


Sunday, 28 July 2013

I'm not ashamed to admit this....

But I was super proud of myself today.

Admitting to being proud of yourself, or opening saying to someone you think you did a good job is sometimes seen as being arrogant - basically an unattractive quality, even though most people say they find confidence attractive, I've yet to see someone actually point at someone who's talking about their superior abilities and say "wow, how sexy are they?"
No. Most of the time you'll just hear someone say "who the hell is that prick?"

You know? Yeah - anyway.

Today I got my uni results back from the last year and I did good! I'm not saying I'm all superior, but compared to my last year self I am - in your face, past Sam, you didn't think I could do it, but I did!

So, I'm obviously not one of those people who minds admitting their achievements (online, in a non face-to-face capacity... I wouldn't do it in real life, because, HELLO! I don't want to be that prick!).

I got my Children's Literature results back, and basically got a 2:1, I think... in Uni terms. I'm not really sure how the scores work. I got a grade 3 pass... maybe that's a 2:2? Who knows. I passed, and that's all I care about because I found that course really difficult. Sure, the reading was easy, but critical writing isn't my bag!

My major achievement and so the one I'm really proud of is from the Advanced Creative Writing course, where I got a distinction. Me. Got a distinction.

Words fail me (but not really... perhaps I should rephrase; words that make sense fail me, because I keep writing things out of sync and my spelling and typing abilities have left me since getting that grade) - I've never done well in the academic world. I do really well in the not paying attention, doodling in the margins of books world. Really good at that (again, tooting my own horn *brushing that dust of my shoulders, man*), but anything that meant doing anything which was to be graded by professional people was my downfall. I could get through classes ok, join in well enough, but presenting work in any way that was deemed well thought out or even in any way intelligent was just a no-go for me. Until today!

As I'm sure you're aware (if you've read this blog before), I have a dream of writing for a living. Novels, screen plays, blogs, hell - I'd write obituaries if people didn't mind me re-imagining their loved ones lives and turning them into fantastically dramatic and enthralling plights of fancy, so getting something back from the university to say I did a good job (I wrote a sci-fi short screenplay) is the icing on top of my laptop.

I'll go to sleep happy tonight and the just dread the moment someone at works asks me what grade I got and what my screen play was about, because even though I don't mind tooting horns on the internet, tooting in real life is something that I just can't do (hehe, I said tooting) so that will be awkward.

Until next time,


Friday, 26 July 2013

It's not abandonment...

I swear I haven't abandoned this place, it's just taken a back seat. You know, with everything else life throws at you, things have to... yeah, yeah - I've just been lazy and let this fall by the wayside.

Not to make you feel bad, but these past 2 days I've actually been cheating on you with a WordPress... I wanted a new blog, and a new blogging platform and WordPress looked pretty cool.

I've basically done what I never wanted to do, but always knew I would do... started blogging about food. Well, I've done 1 food post. But there will be more. You see. Food is my life - like everyone else's. But I like to collect and make up recipes so I figured I would document and share. It's a vegetarian blog, which will also have some health posts and nutritional posts on stuff I like, and recommend - so go and have a look if you want.


Jeez, what with me Youtubing and doing this, you'd think I was an internet addict.... oh, and also someone who starts new projects all the time. Which is true. And probably not very good.


Saturday, 1 June 2013


So, today is my 28th birthday. I'm up earlier than I would normally wake up on a weekend - but it was kind of intentional.

At first I was worried about getting older - 28 is the next step to 30 and 30 seems like the age no one wants to be... but of course everyone gets to! (Doh!) But I realised this morning, as I lay in bed with the curtains open and the sun streaming through my window, that 28 is actually a great age. For me, anyway.
I'm always trying to achieve more, be it physically, mentally or creatively and turning 28, much like when I turned 27, has actually made me feel a little more empowered.

Don't get me wrong - I still don't want to get older, but apparently nothing is stopping the time from moving forwards so... I'm happy to be here, now. I'm in between so many things. My 20's and 30's. The start and end of my degree, my heaviest and lightest weight, my indecisive work life and my eventual career. So right now I'm in a good mood.

I have loads I want to achieve in the next 5-10 years so this feels like a good place to write them down and share them with the world. Even if they never happen, at this point in my life I feel like they could.

I want to find an agent who will help me get published (queries already started so I'm on my way)
I want to film more - even if it's just stupid vlogs or unimportant videos, I just like to play with and edit footage and this year I'm being brave and just sticking it on the internet (www.youtube.com/scumbagsam)
I want to write/film a short film.
I want to make more music -not to sell or be a singer, but just for the creative outlet.
I want to move to Paris and live there for a few months.
I want to travel America again.
I want to progress in finding the balance between body and mind, health and fitness etc.

I feel like saying 'I want' all the time sounds selfish, but I guess if you don't want things for yourself, no one else is going to want them for you.

This turned into a bit of a silly thing - but anyway, I'll be back around here soon talking other stuff I'm sure!


Monday, 6 May 2013


What is this? I've been absent... again? Oh dear. I'm honestly not doing it on purpose, except I am because I have been rather a busy bee.

I just wanted to drop a quick update on here because I'm trying to write an assignment and my favourite thing to do when writing assignments is to not do it!

So of late I've been working on my novel - still. I know. I know what you're thinking. How long does it take.  A WHILE. That's all I can say. I'm almost at last draft. My first three chapters are definitely done and ready for submitting to agents, but I'm working on a pesky synopsis which is probably the hardest part in my opinion. Seriously!

My other distractions have been many. Coming up to the end of this year of uni which means I have a screenplay to finish by the 16th and then an essay on children's literature to finish by the 23rd. All whilst trying to do other stuff, like just writing in general and making YouTube videos. Which I've been doing since Jan... I really enjoy editing them, and that's mostly why I make them. Editing is relaxing for me, I don't know why.

I'm sorry for not posting, I'm currently trying to clear my mental space so from June onwards I'm hoping to have more time to write over here. I am currently on a journey of self awareness. That sounds stupid when you put it like that, but I have been having problems with stress and anxiety. Not huge problems where I've had a breakdown or needed medical attention, just internal problems. I'm normally quite a 'chill' person, but I've been feeling wound up because of all the pressure I'm putting on myself to do certain things and I'm just trying to find ways to deal with that.

At the moment I'm on a positivity binge. I'm hoping to be more 'zen' in my day to day life and trying to incorporate positive thinking and whatnot into my brain. I might blog about that soon actually because I'm really finding some good things on the internet about being more aware and whatnot so... yeah.

I don't really think I have much more to say. I'm about to finish act 2 of my screenplay and then write my intro to the other thing I'm doing and then I'm going on a mammoth walk because the weather is sublime and I need to get out there!

Hope everyone is ok! Say Hi and tell me what you've been up to. I haven't managed to keep up with reading blogs either. I'll punish myself, don't worry!


Saturday, 12 January 2013

Fashion in 2013

I have this uber crush on the 'preppy' look when it comes to clothes. This year I decided I was going to try to prep my wardrobe out. So, without further ado, here are some pictures I'm loving at the moment - style wise - these are the clothes I'm drooling over:

Love the skirt and scarf.

Preppy look.

(all images from my Pinterest account - so, stolen from all the potholes in the internet)

I've already spent a pretty packet buying clothes for my new addiction, but luckily I needed to buy a whole new wardrobe of clothes anyway....


Change of scenery

I have to comment on the name of the blog changing - you see, my blog was Life of Scum, and I think it might have put people off reading this. It was a play on my first and last name, people call me scumbag as a joke so naturally this was my blog name - thing is, it's hard to explain that without getting into telling the story in every blog post, every time, SO - I'm trying to find a new name for my blog.

In the meantime it's 'Super Sam Land', but I'm pretty sure I'll be changing it again at some point if I'm inspired enough to do so! :P

New look to the blog as well, at the moment I'm loving it!

Stick around - New Year, New Fun on the Super Sam train ride to Random Blogville.



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