Friday, 26 July 2013

It's not abandonment...

I swear I haven't abandoned this place, it's just taken a back seat. You know, with everything else life throws at you, things have to... yeah, yeah - I've just been lazy and let this fall by the wayside.

Not to make you feel bad, but these past 2 days I've actually been cheating on you with a WordPress... I wanted a new blog, and a new blogging platform and WordPress looked pretty cool.

I've basically done what I never wanted to do, but always knew I would do... started blogging about food. Well, I've done 1 food post. But there will be more. You see. Food is my life - like everyone else's. But I like to collect and make up recipes so I figured I would document and share. It's a vegetarian blog, which will also have some health posts and nutritional posts on stuff I like, and recommend - so go and have a look if you want.

Jeez, what with me Youtubing and doing this, you'd think I was an internet addict.... oh, and also someone who starts new projects all the time. Which is true. And probably not very good.




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