Saturday, 12 January 2013

Change of scenery

I have to comment on the name of the blog changing - you see, my blog was Life of Scum, and I think it might have put people off reading this. It was a play on my first and last name, people call me scumbag as a joke so naturally this was my blog name - thing is, it's hard to explain that without getting into telling the story in every blog post, every time, SO - I'm trying to find a new name for my blog.

In the meantime it's 'Super Sam Land', but I'm pretty sure I'll be changing it again at some point if I'm inspired enough to do so! :P

New look to the blog as well, at the moment I'm loving it!

Stick around - New Year, New Fun on the Super Sam train ride to Random Blogville.



MD said...

Life of Sam 3D?

Its sorta up to date, no?

Lovely blog, you're an inspiration with your cheeriness and all that you do. I read mostly even if I dont get round to commenting. Keep it up xx

MD said...

P.S. I can't see the new look as I'm mobile. Will peek later.

Scumbag Sam said...

Thanks!! I do try to be positive and cheerful, it's the only way to get through life, I find :D Hope you're well (and the kids! :P)

Helena said...

A change is as as good as rest is as good as a change type thing! lol

Love the new look!


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